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Catalytic converter shredding or guillotine decaning what's the difference.

Catalytic Converter Shredding Facility
Phoenix Group Metals Shredding Center

What is the difference between catalytic converter shredding and guillotine decaning? To fully understand this you first need to be familiar with the automotive catalyst recycling and sampling process. When a catalytic converter has reached it end of use its best it gets recycled.

Phoenix Group Metals Catalytic Converter Conveyer System

There are a number of businesses that specialize in this but not each is equal. So, what separates one catalytic converter company from the next? Simply put, technology. This is the quintessential benchmark that can make any one company stand out from all the rest. One critical component being the technology used to liberate or decan the content of the catalytic converter. Why is this one thing so important? Just like any tool the more efficient it is at the job the better it will do it. For example a catalytic converter guillotine uses force to pinch the converter in half and when it does is exposes the contents to the air and further traps valuable material inside. On the other hand a catalytic converter shredder does neither. It is an encapsulated process thus no material is lost to the free air and further no material is pinched inside.

Milled Catalyst from shredded catalytic converter

The result more catalyst is recovered from the shredding process. The value of a catalytic converter is all held within its contents thus the the more recovered the more returned for your material.

So next time you consider a new partner for buying catalytic converters look to an expert well equipped for the job at hand. Oh, and by the way Phoenix Group Metals uses a shredder to decan our catalyst not a guillotine.

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