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Catalytic Converter Database


Kwik-Cat is Phoenix Group Metals' propriety online converter database. With Kwik-Cat you can get real-time access to catalytic converter pricing, search Converters by OEM number, identify converters by grade, and verify units with 360-degree pictures.  

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PGM Phoenix Group Metals Catalytic Converter Identification Phone APP Kwikcat

Our vendors get instant access to our Kwik-Cat database.

Simple Assay Search

Search our comprehensive

database easily by grade or code. 

Realtime Prices

See pricing for

Catalytic Converters in real-time. 

Inventory Management 

Kwik-Cat offers simple

tools to track inventory

and pricing.

PGM Phoenix Group Metals Catalytic Converter Identification APP Kwikcat

Coming Soon!

For more information on getting access to Kwik-Cat reach out to your rep today or submit a request on our contact us page. 

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