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Our Locations

With Locations in Phoenix Arizona, Houston Texas, and Atlanta Georgia we have locations in each part of the country to serve our numerous vendors. At Phoenix Group Metals we want you to feel like more than just a number so having reps across the country helps us ensure each vendor's unique needs are met.


If we don't have a location posted near you don't fret, because we also have the resources and tools to serve your business wherever you may be. Just contact us and we will steer you in the right direction. 

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Phoenix Arizona - Corporate 

The OG, our corporate office. Located in the heart of Phoenix Arizona is where the Phoenix rose to become Phoenix Group Metals, a leader in the catalytic converter recycling space. Our home base is the heart of the operation and home to our full-service lab and catalytic converter shredder. 

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Houston Texas 

The Baby, our vendors spoke up and we listened. Houston Texas has a wide diversity of automotive recyclers and scrap metal recyclers alike each with a unique need. What stood out the most though was the fact that each needed a catalytic converter partner they could count on to be there to support their growing businesses. 


Atlanta Georgia 

Phoenix Group Metals has had a long history of serving the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding states. For more than 15 years our operations in the Southeast have supported numerous vendors large and small to secure the most competitive pricing for their catalytic converters.